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  What makes a person a scientist? Does he have ways or tools of learning that are different from those of others? The answer is "no". It is not the tools a scientist uses but how he uses these tools that makes him a scientist. You will probably agree that knowing how to use a power is important to a carpenter. You will probably agree, too, that knowing how to investigate, how to discover information, is important to everyone. The scientist, however, goes one step further, he must be sure that he has a reasonable answer to his questions and that his answer can be confirmed by other persons. He also works to fit the answers he gets to many questions into a large set of ideas about how the world works.

  The scientist's knowledge must be exact. There is no room for half right or right just half the time. He must be as nearly right as the conditions permit. What works under one set of conditions at one time must work under the same conditions at other times. If the conditions are different, any changes the scientist observes in a demonstration must be explained by the changes in the conditions. This is one reason that investigations are important in science. Albert Einstein, who developed the Theory of Relativity, arrived at this theory through mathematics. The accuracy of his mathematics was later tested through investigations, Einstein's ideas were shown to be correct. A scientist uses many tools for measurements. Then the measurements are used to make mathematical calculations that may test his investigations.

  (1)、What makes a scientist according to the passage? ________

  A:The tools he uses.

  B:The way he uses his tools.

  C:His ways of learning.

  D:The various tools he uses.

  答案: B

  (2)、The underlined part in the passage shows_______.

  A:the importance of information

  B:the importance of thinking

  C:the difference between scientists and ordinary people

  D:the difference between carpenters and people with other jobs.

  答案: C

  (3)、A sound scientific theory should be one that _________.

  A:works not only under one set of conditions at one time, but also under the same conditions at other times

  B:does not allow any changes even under different conditions

  C:can be used for many purposes

  D:leave no room for improvement

  答案: A

  (4)、The author quotes the case of Albert Einstein to illustrate __________.

  A:that measurements are keys to success in science

  B:that accuracy of mathematics

  C:that investigations are important in science

  D:that the mathematical calculations may test his investigations

  答案: C

  (5)、What is the main idea of the passage? ________

  A:The theory of relativity.

  B:Exactness is the core of science.

  C:Scientists are different from ordinary people.

  D:Exactness and ways of using tools are the keys to the making of a scientist.

  答案: D




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